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Van Gogh? Just Go!

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Tucked away in the middle of DC, a warehouse in Northeast DC takes the art of Vincent van Gogh and creates an all-encompassing exhibition of vibrant colors and sounds. “Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience” brings Vincent van Gogh’s works and history to the DC area for a truly unparalleled experience.

The exhibit begins with a walk through Van Gogh’s artwork to familiarize you with his techniques and use of color. I loved strolling through the hallways learning details of Van Gogh’s life, and seeing his artwork, including some that I was unfamiliar with. There were mesmerizing displays of images projected onto several statues and a vase of flowers. But nothing can compare to the 2-story 360-degree video display — a room covered with images of Van Gogh’s paintings that are brought to life by movement — crabs scurry out of frame, a train moves from one painting to another, and stars twinkle across the night sky. You can sit on a bench or lay on the floor to take in this dreamlike atmosphere – a truly magical experience.

This is an engaging experience for all ages! Be sure to add this local treasure to your list of must-dos. Tickets are in high demand, book yours now before it’s too late! The show is only here till March. if you (Van) go, please leave a comment or send me a message– I would love to hear your thoughts!

For the love of real estate and art – Lisa