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Crystal City is an urban community located in the Northern part of Virginia near the Potomac River and with amazing views of Washington D.C.  Most people call it the underground city due to its extensive integration of residential high rise buildings and office buildings that use underground corridors. Travelling between stores, residences and offices is possible without going above ground. This is a fantastic city to live in with plenty of variety and new experiences.

Before the city was developed by Charles E. Smith Co., it was composed mostly of industrial sites. After constructions began in the city, the name “Crystal City” was born. The name came from the first ever building to be constructed here which was called the Crystal House and it had an extended crystal chandelier in the lobby. After this, the other subsequent buildings took the Crystal name, for example, Crystal Towers, Crystal Gateway and eventually, the whole city took the title.

Today, Crystal City hosts a number of defence contractors, the United States Marshals Service, the United States Department of Labor and satellite offices for The Pentagon too. The city holds to its name too with an integrated layout and extensive landscaping as well as speckled granite exteriors of the high rise buildings. It’s a beautiful city and stands on its own like a crystal.

On June 2004, the city underwent significant changes where building addresses were changed, most of the markings for the building names were changed, and several major roads were turned into two-way streets. As a result, the local residents today might refer to building names that might be a bit challenging for visitors to find, but if you have a map, you are good to go. Be advised; if you are looking to buy a house in this city, it hosts some of the best realtors who are knowledgeable of the underground city and information that can really help you in your search for a house.

Where to go to in Crystal City

The unique landscaping of the city with an outstanding network of shops and walkways attract and inspire visitors from all over.

Crystal City Shops

This is a premier collection of more than 200 shops, stores, cafes and restaurants situated together along the tree-lined streets. It’s a city with more than one dozen casual eateries, fine dining restaurants and ethnic restaurants in one food court.

To make it better, Crystal City Shops is the premier shopping zone in the Washington D.C area. The shops are located along the Potomac River with some of the best views of Washington D.C.

Mount Vernon Trail

For campers, backpackers, hikers, runners and cyclists, this trail offers a great recreational experience. It’s a paved multi-use trail almost 18 miles long with breathtaking views of Washington DC’s favourite landmarks and the Potomac River.

Pentagon and Air Force Memorial

Pentagon memorial commemorates the 184 lives lost in the Pentagon during the 9/11 attack. The memorial has a park and gateway spanning across two acres with 184 memorial units.

The Air Force memorial honors the millions of soldiers who have served in the US Air Force.

Wine and dine

Despite Crystal City being occupied by a number of high rises and apartments, you won’t lack an excellent place to enjoy a gratifying meal. The city has a variety of restaurants with the best views of Washington DC landmarks, and these restaurants are located along the Potomac River providing great scenery and breathtaking views.


Getting in and out of Crystal City is easy and can be done quickly using a car, by metro, commuter train, or you can ride your way through using a bike.


The city has its own central Metro Station located at Arlington near the Jefferson Davis Highway and the Crystal City Shops. The metro serves both the Blue and Yellow Lines in and out of the city.

Commuter train

The city is served by Virginia Railways Express on the Fredericksburg and Manassas lines.


The Metrobus routes include the Metroway, 9A, 23AB and 10AERS.

Manoeuvring through the city is also made easier by Capital BikeShare. You can check out a bike and return it from any of the 110 stations located throughout Arlington, VA and Washington DC.

It is rumored that Amazon is considering moving its HQ2 to Crystal City.

Homes in Crystal City

Owning a house in Crystal City may be an excellent choice to make. With a city so well networked and with beautiful views and landscaping, the real estate market is one of a kind. The area and its surroundings are beautiful, and the homes here are in demand. Typically, most of the homes don’t stay in the market for long.

The homes in Crystal City attract people and are more desired because of the amazing landscaping and network in the city. The underground city as most people call it is like an underground neighborhood too. You can go to the mall, restaurant or shopping without going above.

Cruising through the city is also easier and faster with different means of public transport. If you want to fly in, the Ronald Reagan National Airport is nearby.

If you have children and want to move to Crystal City, the Crystal City Elementary school is not far from the neighborhood. The Crystal City High School is also within proximity, and both of these are public schools.

For those who love a quiet, clean and safe environment, Crystal City is the perfect neighborhood for you. It is especially quiet on the weekends due to the heavy presence of commercial buildings and offices. This means you get to enjoy your weekends together with the family without any disturbance and minimal traffic.

Homes here offer the residents a suburban feel, but a lot of them are surrounded by breathtaking green views. These homes tend to sell for approximately 2% below the list price and stay in the market for an average of only 40 days. The hottest homes here sell for 1% above list price and are on the market for an average of 15 days.

Crystal City real estate features condos, town homes and single-family homes. Crystal City condos are often found in high rise buildings, while single-family homes are typically in bungalow, Cape Cod, and brick colonial styles.  Crystal City is a unique blend of city and suburb and just minutes from DC, Old Town Alexandria and other areas of Arlington.  Crystal City is a wonderful place to call home. If you would like to learn more about living in National Landing or  real estate in the Crystal City|Arlington area, contact Chrissy or Lisa for all your buying or selling needs.

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